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Apartheid Finally Over

Apartheid Finally Over

JOHANNESBURG – The good news that South Africans had long been waiting for came through late on Saturday night after Fourways resident Ryan du Toit finally declared that apartheid was over. “Apartheid is over, so, like, let’s all just move on now please,” announced du Toit to an informal gathering at a barbecue at his Lone Hill townhouse.

Apartheid – that for decades allowed blacks only basic substandard Bantu education and denied non-whites any meaningful participation in the economy – was long thought to have handicapped people in a way that would afflict their children too. It was feared that deeply entrenched problems like inferior schooling, broken family units and poverty might result in a cause-and-effect cycle that would still be repeating itself for generations to come. du Toit’s announcement, however, has finally put those spectres to rest and South Africans of all races can now look forward to starting life on a completely equal footing. “All you hear is apartheid this and apartheid that,” said du Toit, who purchased his home with money inherited from his late father, “But it’s over now. In fact it’s been over for, like, 15 years or something.”

du Toit’s landmark statement will come as a welcome salve to millions of malnourished, uneducated and illiterate South Africans who can now simply pull themselves up by their bootstraps and magically live a better life.

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3 Responses to Apartheid Finally Over

  1. Abdullah Bolobi Reply

    February 12, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    I have a question I always ask white South Africans but never get a straight answer. The average white South African hates Africans. If that’s the case why are you subjecting yourself to the misery of living in Africa, among Africans, then torturing yourself further by insisting you’re an African. Why don’t you emigrate to a country whose people are pleasing to your liking. I mean the hate that is festering within you must be killing you.

    • Matt Reply

      February 13, 2014 at 12:15 pm

      I wonder if you’re even a real person or just someone instigating racial hate.
      Your ‘question’ has no substance, that’s probably why you never get a straight reply.
      You’re looking for answers that will further fuel your misguided hate for the ‘white man’.

      If ‘the average white South African’ hated ‘Africans’ so much then we’d still have Apartheid.

      Whites were the primary protesters that initiated the change in South Africa for the ‘Africans’ who were not allowed to express themselves.

      We all fought for a country that is free and fair for all – you on the other hand sound like a racist, keen to have your own version of Apartheid where you are the tyrant.

      There have been thousands of atrocities in the past, people do move on. SA wasn’t the only country to have had ‘Apartheid”, we’re just the only country to call it that.
      Segregation still exists all over the world.
      Stop looking for someone to blame.

  2. Fanie Kuhn Reply

    February 13, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    Abdullah, the person who was most effective in overthrowing apartheid was a whitey, Terry Crawford-Brown, who persuaded the New York banks to stop rolling over loans for the SA Govt, effectively starving them of capital. MK was totally ineffective: in Angola they never dared initiate contact with the SADF (google it), and their main claim to fame there was to translate from Afrikaans for Fapla and the Cubans.

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